Woah, is the new Thor the mother of the Odinson?

As part of Marvel’s latest shake up in the Marvel universe, on top of having a new Captain America we now have a new Thor. I don’t want to spoil to much but suffice to say that this needs to be read if you want to see the direction of the new character and comic, as well as what’s in store for our favorite Odinson. Needless to say however after reading the new issue I have to say I’m surprised about the approach of the “new” character.

Ok, so a everything else is pure speculation on my part, which may or may not be 100% accurate.

And when I say new I mean an existing character who hasn’t exactly had a primary role in the Asgardian universe and I’m sure this will excite many of fans of the comic.

If for those who want to be spoiled, here you go. Upon reading the latest issue and seeing Thor trying for what seems weeks on trying to regain Mjolnir, he is informed of an invasion of Frost Giants that must be dealt with. Not able to retrieve his hammer he proceeds to head over to the Asgardian armory to retrieve Jarnbjorn. Which I might add is as powerful or maybe even more than Mjolnir. Especially since the axe has been used to kill Gods themselvesMeanwhile Odin and his wife, Freyja, were seen having a bit of a lovers spat which ended up with Odin telling  Freyja to “Know her role”… more or less. With Freyja agreeing with him.

Meanwhile we find Thor arriving on the scene only to find “Malekith the Accursed” leading the invasion. A battle ensues which ultimately ends up with Thor losing a hand  / Arm (Didn’t he lose an arm before?) and being dispatched to fates unknown.

A few panels later we see females figure approach M and proceed to pick it up, however the only person who was left on the moon which everyone else departing. Did I mention that this person still has the same outline as Freyja, except her dress and face are blacked out so we can’t see who she is completely. But it makes sense from what you see, and which leads up to my speculation that the new Thor is none other than the Odinson’s mother, Freyja.


Like I said this is pure speculation on my part but do me a favor and check out the latest issue and tell me what you think. OK?