A variety of cosplayers at NYCC2014 (including me!)

New York Comic Con has been very unfriendly to cosplayers with props, but that didn’t stop a lot of cosplayers from showing off their propless cosplays. I chose to lean on the side of caution and keep Sailor Pluto home despite my approval email from NYCC staff. I didn’t want to risk being told to trash my staff because, you know, a huge key is going to hurt somebody.

I wasn’t even at NYCC for five minutes when I became thankful for my decision. I watched in horror as a redshirt Citadel staffer harassed a Laura Croft cosplayer over her wooden bow (which was clearly not functional.. it was a thin piece of flat wood that was shaped into a bow, and then had some fishing line for the string). She was told the bow could not go into the con. At the exact same time, at the same weapons check table, I observed a man being told he could not bring in his wand looking prop(which was not even more than two feet long) because of the materials it was constructed out of.

I tried to snap pictures of this ordeal to report back with, but the redshirts were very rude and yelled at me to keep moving along the moment they saw me try to snap a picture. I’ve been told there were more trashcans filled with props throughout Friday but I stayed inside the convention and away from the nasty security staff once I was inside. Anyway, I’d like to try to steer away from the negativity for a bit just because I’m trying to find reasons to enjoy NYCC while it is here.  

Can't get your prop in? Just buy a real blade once you're in!
Can’t get your prop in? Just buy a real blade once you’re in!
Check these two out!


I was very impressed by this group of cosplayers. I think I’m going to have nightmares.
Ok. I lied. Who can have nightmares with such a cute Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon?
Luna P is perhaps the best fashion accessory.
Don’t forget to bring a towel!
How did this guy get in with this WOOD sword?
This one is certainly the result of a lot of love and labor.
Helvetika Bold is just trying to explain that she disrupts the dominant narrative one word at a time.

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