Why the PlayStation 4 Share Play is a fantastic idea


Imagine playing a game and you reach a section that you simply can’t beat, a section that you’ve been stuck in for hours on end and you’re at the point of giving us. However you remember that your friend -insert name- is home and he or she is a way better gamer than you, so you want to have them  help you out. Only they  don’t have the game and they live quite a distance from you.

So what do you do?

Well with the introduction of the PlayStation 4  Share Play then all you have to do is either share your screen with them and they can point you in the right direction or you can even hand over the controller and let them take over. Even better however is if the game supports local multiplayer as you can even get them into the local by passing them the second controller. Tell me that doesn’t sound pretty awesome. It’s like having your best buddy in the same room with you at all times, just like old times.

  • Share Screen – Share your screen with a friend, allowing them to spectate. This is ideal for PS4 owners that want to watch their friends play a game and provide helpful tips. PlayStation Plus is not required to use this.
  • Hand over my controller – Pass your controller to a friend, virtually, and watch them play. Your friend does not need to own, or even download the game, in order to use this feature. This is perfect for introducing your friends to new games. The host will need to be a PlayStation Plus member, but the guest does not.
  • Hand over another controller – If a game supports local multiplayer, you can have your friend join as player two. Again, the visitor does not need to own, or download the game in order to use this feature. Both players will need PlayStation Plus to use this feature.

Share Play pushes the social interactivity of PS4 to new heights and we can’t wait for everyone to try it out. What games are you looking forward to trying Share Play with? And this lovely function will be added to the PlayStation 4 in less than a week, with the v2.00 update. Whoever thought this idea up needs a raise, this is for the gamers…. Indeed!


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