Oh crap, the Keeper from The Evil Within has its own statue?


Have you recently played The Evil Within and happen to have a encounter with a certain baddie that has a safe for a head? If you’ve answered yes then this figure may look very familiar to you. Straight out the Shinji Mikami release, the Keeper (Or better know as Boxhead) is a massive and haunting figure, someone you don’t really want to cross paths with. But if you’re crazy enough and like that sort of thing then you might enjoy owning you very own statue of the Keeper.

Produced by GamingHeads, this figure actually comes in two different variants; with the safe on his head closed and the other with it completely opened, tentacles stretched out as to consume your soul. Standing at 15 inchs tall this statue is tall as it is menacing. And due to the fact that it’s made out of Polystone resin it’s strudy as well but the details my friends is in the hand painted details that made this tormenting soul come to life.

Set to be released in the second quarter of 2015 both variants of the statue are available for pre-order now, however there is a catch (there’s always a catch). The regular version is limited to 750 units worldwide and will set you back $269.99, while the exclusive variant will run you an extra thirty dollars more and pushing it to $299.99.

Pre-order the standard version – here
Pre-order the exclusive variant – here

I’d order my own but I’m not sure what’s scarier. The statue or my wife starring me down cause I dropped close to $300 for a statue!

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