Microsoft,Lamborghini, Matchbox and the Boys & Girls Club team up for Kids into Car Lovers Day

While everyone is playing Forza Horizon 2 on their Xbox One’s, Microsoft, Lamborghini, Matchbox and the Boys & Girls Club teamed up for an event called Kids into Car Lovers Day. A three day event that was hosted at the Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club,  Kids into Car Lovers Day was an event that hoped to fuel a passion of cars to a younger generation. Consisting of a contest called “Forza Design Challenge” which pitted 100 children from 10 different Boys & Girls Clubs to see who could come up with the most imaginative custom paint jobs for the Lamborhini Huracán which is featured in Forza Horizon 2. Three lucky children were chosen to see their designs implemented into Forza Horizon 2 and shown off for all to see at the event and also were awarded an Xbox One for their hard work.

As an added bonus, those designs will be available as a free download for all Forza Horizon 2 owners.


To top off the event the children were also able get into their own Forza Horizon 2 action and were greeted to a parade of Lamborghini’s that delivered Matchbox toys (Hot Wheels) to close out the event.

I got to hand it to Microsoft, especially since they have been under fire as of recent. Anytime a company can take time out to give back to the children and to make their lives that much better, that’s always a win in my book.