League of Legends: The Harrowing is Here and We’re Here to Help

The Shadow Isles, where death and fear reign.

Shrouded in a heavy, eerie fog, and hidden deep within the Shadow Isles lies the Twisted Treeline – a cursed place where lost souls are bound and transformed into ghouls and terrors of the night. Tales from the few survivors who ventured into this forsaken place tell of a monstrous suit of armour, enslaving souls to do his bidding; the hoofed spectre who rides down the living, trampling them into the ground and cleaving them apart; a sadistic skeleton, harvesting souls with scythe and scraping chain, trapping them for all eternity in the green glow of a lantern; they tell tales of the countless undead beings that haunt the island, hunting for prey. They say that on the Shadow Isles there’s a phrase that whispers through the gnarled trees, “death is but a new beginning”.

Summoners, prepare yourselves to venture deep into this place of death and fear. The Harrowing is upon us.

icon-small-1This year, you’ll find yourself come face to face with six enemies on in the cramped confines of the Twisted Treeline, and should you emerge victorious thrice, you’ll be rewarded with a summoner icon that shrieks of your fearlessness in the face of death. The mark of the betrayer.


icon-small-2An ally in your pocket is but a puppet in your glorious rise to power, Summoner. Send any gift to an ally during the Harrowing to inspire fear into the hearts of their foes and unlock the possessed Harrowed Puppet icon for yourself.



icon-largeOr even pay a tribute of 1500 IP or 250 RP and pledge your undying allegiance to the Shadow Isles for the right to bear the Shadow Isles Crest as your icon. With this, you’ll be ready to start harvesting the souls of the innocent and dragging them to the Isles for their endless torment.


You might also be unfortunate enough to be challenged by the Shadow Isles tainted champions, Ravenborn Leblanc or Underworld Wukong. You may even find yourself summoning these fear inspiring denizens of RuneTerra, if you’re willing to pay the price, that is. Ravenborn Leblanc will ready to fight if you unlock her with 975 RP, and Underworld Wukong for 975 RP up until October 28, after which he’ll rise up to the terrifying price of 1350 RP.

Legacy Harrowing skins are also lurking in the dead roots of the in-game store. But be wary of any purchases you make, a fog shrouded phenomenon is occurring. Skins are going into unpredictable flash sales for six hours at a time.

Onward, to the mysterious Shadow Isles.

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