Help Bottledfuchsia and Extra Life put a smile on children’s faces this weekend

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This Saturday (October 25th) a few friends of The Outerhaven are going to be running a 24-hour game marathon called “Extra Life” to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network.  In particular they are raising money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and John Hopkins in Baltimore.  They will be live streaming the event over the intarwebz so feel free to tune in.  They have a trailer up on Youtube right now to give you a taste of the HOT GAMING ACTION:  The Horror Attic mentioned in the video will start at 11 PM EST with Alien: Isolation, a game where you are being hunted by the titular creature from the Alien franchise.  SPOOPY!!1!one!!  Other members of Team Moon Moon will also be playing horror themed games.

They have a website where you can find info about all the team members, donate to them (which we would really appreciate!), and see pictures from their pre-run earlier this month:

You can also watch their live stream from that site on Saturday, or if you want to chat with them while you watch you can do so at

They will be starting at 8:00 AM EST on Saturday the 25th, and ending at 8:00 AM EST the following Sunday.  They did mention they are going to attempt to keep the language to a minimum until 8:00 PM EST if you are watching with kids or whatever, but no promises. You’ve been warned!

Please donate directly to the team via their website ( or you can donate to a random member with a handy link that is located on the donation page if you’re too conflicted on which one of them is more awesome.  100% of the proceeds goes to the hospitals and all donations are also tax deductible. All those sick kids would appreciate it.

Get out and help a good cause! 

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