#GamerGate, everyone is affected and why everyone should care

…Really, guys? None of you have addressed this yet? Fine. Someone here has to talk about this insanity, and it might as well be me. If anyone has a problem, COME AT ME.

For the uninitiated, all this started when Ms. Zoe Quinn was put on blast by her boyfriend for cheating on him whilst sleeping her way into whatever position she was at. From there, various gaming news publications put various spins on the issue – from sexism to whatever else – and it’s all gone downhill from there. Now a medium, which is supposed to be about fun and entertainment is now the center of a societal war between misogynists and misandrists, dishonest journalists and gamers who are lobbying for integrity, and between those who open gaming to everyone and those who don’t want anyone within their circle. And who’s caught in the middle? People who just want to game and be happy with their hobby. GamerGaters just want equality and peace, and are fighting for both, but practically everyone else is accusing them of being bullies who are perpetuating the anti-social, hateful basement dweller stereotype that refuses to go away. This is because of the ones who represent said stereotype only claim to be GamerGaters for their own vile ends.

Case in point, actress and fellow gamer Felicia Day was afraid to talk about GamerGate. Why? Because she didn’t want to risk being doxxed (getting her personal info and stuff hacked and posted on the internet by trolls). Well, she took to Tumblr recently to elaborate on those fears.

Guess what? Her fears were 100% realized immediately. And no, it wasn’t done by GamerGaters. It was done by trolls who saw an opening and went for it just to make her miserable. They see all this crap and, in their cruelty, see multiple opportunities for mayhem.

I don’t remember gaming being THIS hateful. All that’s needed is for journalists to be honest and show some damn integrity. But, nope, that’s not gonna happen. Journalists refuse to own up to their corruption.

THAT is what GamerGate is about, people. However, various other groups (even those unrelated to gaming) are seeing this crap and are taking advantage of it, including trolls.

Is this what it’s come to? Is this what being a gamer is now? Are we so close-minded and selfish that we can’t just enjoy our hobby with other people and just, you know, talk about video games without being paranoid? Whatever happened to welcoming other games with open arms and chilling together? When did the video game community devolve into this cesspool of misogyny/misandry, bullying and pure, unleaded hatred?! If so, then perhaps GamerGate has failed and the bullies have won. Perhaps gaming will never get better, journalists will continue to be corrupt, men and women (gamers or not) will continue to hate and despise each other and another video game crash is inevitable.




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  1. OmegaNITRO

    I’ll be honest. I considered it, but I wanted to leave that drama well enough alone.

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    Carlos Abdu

    I agree with Nitro. Despite the injustice being done to these poor women and those assholes not getting any punishment for their crimes, this is one of those consequences of being a public figure in the internet age. There a hundreds, if not thousands of cases of women and people in general getting harassed & straight up terrorized by cyber-bullies/trolls a lot more often then we’d like to think, and unfortunately, those people get any extra security or support like some journalist or YT personality. Where was all the screaming and yelling for them?

    But since you fucking put down the gauntlet in front of us, how’s this for a bit of drama: who the fuck are you to call us out, just because we don’t hop on this tired topic like everyone else?! WE HAVE BEEN discussing sexual inequality, tumblr feminism and social justice “movements” waay before GAMEGATE on many a podcast, so I heard this song and dance a long time ago. Not to mention, this is NOTfucking news. This is not even a fucking editorial on the #GAMERGATE situation. This is a rant, and a very unprofessional one at that.

    Ryan from The Outerhaven? Don’t even pretend. You disappear for months at a time, only to show up when you wanna turn this into your own personal blog?! Don’t you got that website that you’re always working on for that…or better yet, since this looks like something that came out of Tumblr, why don’t you put it there instead of dragging everyone along for the ride?!

    When and IF anyone from OH.net wants to discuss GAMERGATE, I hope they learn from this and actually put up a serious discussion that is considerate of everyone instead of…this.

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    Keith D. Mitchell

    The whole thing that happened to Felicia Day and her post reminded me of one thing; Racisim. I’m not saying she’s racist but I’m referring to how this whole #Gamergate crap has twisted her from her normal outgoing person who loves to talk about gaming to someone who is forced to speak about it only with person she knows personally or familiar vs a random someone on the street.

    And it sucks. Suppose that guy she bypassed on the street was you or me, people who love what the gaming industry / community used to be. #Gamergate needs to be a thing of the past, forgetting and abolished and soon.

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    All i see is women trying to sleep their way to the top, white knight men complaining about it and feminazis using the situation to propel their own agenda.

    Did i understand the situation correctly?

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    Eh… you know the Zoe Quinn thing was debunked right?. Also, you know that even if in some alternative universe everything was true, it wouldn’t matter because she’s just a indie obscure dev?.

    Also, Gamergate started by everyone trusting this source: an angry exbf. Tell me how ONE EARTH a movement starts based on that?.

    Gamergate is not fighting journalism integrity, is fighting women and progressive ideas?. They only mention feminazis, SJW and so on…

    Here’s actual data on how twitter is doing with Gamergate:


    Please, author of this piece, get your facts straight.

    And… misandry? Really?. Sigh…

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      the use of the hashtag started that way and it was coined by Adam Baldwin. But gamergate is much more than that.

      Here is a video of a conversation that explains #gamergate from the inside and out, and how it was gonna end too months before it even started. It’s like they are visionaries or something.


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      James Wood

      Yes, I think the whole five guys thing was BS and they did a decent job of debunking it. Here is the problem though, your focusing on one issue that you’ve heard and assuming it is the whole story. Very similar to people who hear “evolution is a theory”, without understanding the definition of the word theory.

      I dont care about the initial zoe quinn problems. In general I don’t even care about journalism. Fox News already got the supreme court to rule it is perfectly fine for national media to lie, so I think “journalism” is over.

      What got me to start paying attention was hypocrisy. When so called “feminists” started attacking my hobby while standing on a fake moral high ground. Yes, you can bebunk 5 guys. Can you debunk that her game was garbage? Can you debunk she used feminism to sell the game and shut down critics? Finally, can you debunk that she actively and demonstrably tried to shut out game developers…something these “feminists” accuse GG of?

      Can you debunk that Anita Sarksesian was about as honest in her video as the infamous “pimp goes to akorn”? Just because something was in video doesn’t mean it wasn’t a set up.

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        “Can you debunk she used feminism to sell the game and shut down critics?”

        … What???.

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        James Wood

        Zoe Quinn made a crappy game and couldn’t get it published. She pressured steam using “feminism” to get it listed, not because of the quality of the product, but because she is a woman. Anyone who says her game sucks gets called out by her for being sexist. Basically, her motto seems to be “if you don’t like me or my game, it must be because I am a woman and you are sexist”. That logical in itself is sexist. Not only that, she torpedoed a charity designed to help female developers make a game which also makes her a huge hypocrite. You have someone who has literally done nothing with their life getting free money and publishing by crying “sexism” while at the same time purposefully sabotaging women who might actually try to make a good product.

        Aninta Sarkesian is the same thing. She has never made a game and flat out admits she isn’t a gamer. Instead, she took $160,000 to make a couple of youtube videos. Videos where she didn’t even play the games, but cherry picked scenes and represented them dishonestly in several cases. Does the video look bad? Sure, but so does the pimp ACORN video. The problem is, with the right manipulation you can create something that is completely dishonest and misleading without actually telling a single lie,

        Does any of this justify what her ex did, or the people who use what her ex said as a method to judge her? No, but personally I don’t think immoral people have much room to complain when others do something immoral. It is also hard to convince me that something is based on misogyny when you’ve been screaming at the top of your lungs that every bad thing everyone has ever said about you or your product is sexist. It is the feminist version of the boy who cried wolf.

        Here is a simple test for you. Find all the women who complain about sexism in video games and attack gamers, then try to find a real game they made. After that compile a second list of popular female developers who have made grade A, high quality games and see if they have been harassed. To summarize what you’ll find, they haven’t been. What’s more, online statistics show male developers and teenage male gamers received by far the most and worst harassment online. If the issue was about sexism, why haven’t they? Sure, some bad people have latched on to the issue to make threats but that happens in literally every argument. Just Google the scientist who got death threats for killing a spider. It is about a bunch of hypocrites attacking our hobby while simultaneously profiting off of it without actually contributing a single thing. Just because a few psychos made death threats doesn’t change the fact that are just generally bad people who are profiting off of attacking my hobby and insulting me despite never having contributed to it.

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    Feminists and gamergate people, that way please – – – – – – – – – – > (to the place no one gives a sh*t about)

    <————— Gamers this way (to the fun place where we don't have to listen to stupid attention wh*res)

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      Keith D. Mitchell

      Ricoh, to be perfectly honest we agree with this. There’s no place for the Gamergate and I wonder how much of that would be resolved if people would actually talk this crap out.

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        James Wood

        If people talked about it, it would accomplish nothing. Our society doesn’t run on what people talk about. It runs based on the viewpoint of the masses, who are completely disconnected from the problem, based on the stories they see in media. Heck, I would argue the contents of the story don’t even really matter, just the numbers of articles and titles.

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        There’s nothing to talk about.

        Some women are wh*res and stir trouble.
        Some men are white Knights who think they will get laid by trying to resolve things.
        And feminazis are using the limelight to push extreme feminist views.

        Just like a wild dog…… you ignore them all, give them no spot light….. and hey presto….. they all disappear.

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    Please STOP with these “gamergate” articles, getting sick and tired of these BS articles.