#GamerGate, everyone is affected and why everyone should care

…Really, guys? None of you have addressed this yet? Fine. Someone here has to talk about this insanity, and it might as well be me. If anyone has a problem, COME AT ME.

For the uninitiated, all this started when Ms. Zoe Quinn was put on blast by her boyfriend for cheating on him whilst sleeping her way into whatever position she was at. From there, various gaming news publications put various spins on the issue – from sexism to whatever else – and it’s all gone downhill from there. Now a medium, which is supposed to be about fun and entertainment is now the center of a societal war between misogynists and misandrists, dishonest journalists and gamers who are lobbying for integrity, and between those who open gaming to everyone and those who don’t want anyone within their circle. And who’s caught in the middle? People who just want to game and be happy with their hobby. GamerGaters just want equality and peace, and are fighting for both, but practically everyone else is accusing them of being bullies who are perpetuating the anti-social, hateful basement dweller stereotype that refuses to go away. This is because of the ones who represent said stereotype only claim to be GamerGaters for their own vile ends.

Case in point, actress and fellow gamer Felicia Day was afraid to talk about GamerGate. Why? Because she didn’t want to risk being doxxed (getting her personal info and stuff hacked and posted on the internet by trolls). Well, she took to Tumblr recently to elaborate on those fears.

Guess what? Her fears were 100% realized immediately. And no, it wasn’t done by GamerGaters. It was done by trolls who saw an opening and went for it just to make her miserable. They see all this crap and, in their cruelty, see multiple opportunities for mayhem.

I don’t remember gaming being THIS hateful. All that’s needed is for journalists to be honest and show some damn integrity. But, nope, that’s not gonna happen. Journalists refuse to own up to their corruption.

THAT is what GamerGate is about, people. However, various other groups (even those unrelated to gaming) are seeing this crap and are taking advantage of it, including trolls.

Is this what it’s come to? Is this what being a gamer is now? Are we so close-minded and selfish that we can’t just enjoy our hobby with other people and just, you know, talk about video games without being paranoid? Whatever happened to welcoming other games with open arms and chilling together? When did the video game community devolve into this cesspool of misogyny/misandry, bullying and pure, unleaded hatred?! If so, then perhaps GamerGate has failed and the bullies have won. Perhaps gaming will never get better, journalists will continue to be corrupt, men and women (gamers or not) will continue to hate and despise each other and another video game crash is inevitable.