The Evil Within gameplay benchmark PC (i5 4590 / GTX780 / Windows 8.1)


With all the talk about the performance issues from the release of The Evil Within, I decided to take a few minutes from my progression of the game and go do some tweaking and present a first level play through / Benchmark on my “HTCP / Steam Machine” that’s connected to my TV in my “Man Cave”.

And yes I did die a few times as I wasn’t playing attention and I didn’t bother to edit the video, wasn’t that bad of a play through.


1080p resolution
Recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay and encoded at 38832kbps (Which Youtube killed with its compression)
All settings except for Motion Blur enabled and everything set to High
Intel i5 4590’s @ 4.0 Ghz
16GB DDR3 Memory
Windows 8.1
Latest Nvidia drivers and Geforce Experience 2.13

For the most part my fps was consistent at 58-60fps though it did drop a little lower at times but not outside of the lower 50 fps range. I also noticed that when I used OBS and tried to encode the game at 50 mbits that I incurred some dropped frames so I switched up to using Shadowplay and those issues went away.

And let’s keep this in perspective gang. For te most part we’re playing an un-optimized port from the PS4/Xbox One and we’re fortunate enough to have the hardware and the ability to unlock 60 fps , where our console brethren aren’t so lucky and are stuck at a inconsistent and sub-par 30 fps. I’m not trying to start a console vs PC here folks, I’m just telling it how it is and sadly it shouldn’t have gone down like this.


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