Clementine from The Walking Dead video game is getting a figure of her own


Announced during the 2014 New York Comic Con during the ‘The Walking Dead’ panel,  video game star, Clementine, will be getting her own figure. The figure comes a collaboration between Skybound Entertainment, McFarlane Toys and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

The Clementine figure will come dressed in her The Walking Dead Season 2 outfit along with weapons that she’s used in game; Hammer and Gun. Clementine will come in two different schemes as well; Clean and Blood soaked.  While Kirkman did not give a definitive time on when the figure would be available for purchase he did mention that fans of the video games series would not have to wait long.

Hopefully this will be the start and that we’ll get more characters later on, especially Lee.

And if you haven’t played either Season 1 or 2 of The Walking Dead, what are you waiting for?