Rant Mode: Who cares if Notch sold Mojang to Microsoft. Why does it bother you so much?

I’m sure that everyone knows by now that Microsoft has officially purchased the company know as Mojang from Notch, the creator of Mega-Indie super hit Minecraft. However there seems to be a bit of jealousy, confusion and even hate directed towards Notch regarding him selling his company to the tune of 2.5 billion dollars. So why all the hate? I don’t know but i’m going to tell it how I see it, so get ready people.

Rant Mode: On!

From what I’ve been reading it seems that the majority of people are split between the fact that it was Microsoft and not some other company that purchased Mojang, since Microsoft is ” a tech company and has no idea or reason to be involved with gaming”, while the rest are simply upset that Notch and crew have backed off their original statement that they “would never sellout”. Now call me silly but you mean to say that after having your game ported to damn near every smartphone, tablet, video game console and PC as well as having made millions upon millions of dollars due to the game and ultimately being offered 2.5 billion dollars to sell the company that made the game as well as ownership of said IP, I can’t say that I would’t take the deal or for that matter I don’t know anyone else who wouldn’t.


The fact of the matter is this; business are made to make money. Regardless of how Notch and team felt it ultimately comes down to his desired to keep going forward or doing something completely different. See this where everyone gets caught up, he made Minecraft because he wanted to. At that point of his life it was his desire, his passion and his hobby. Hobbies die, people get tired of things and they move on and that is what is happening here. He doesn’t have to explain to you or to me why he is selling the company.

Notch, as for you, you need to stop saying you’re not a real game developer cause you are. You created a game that has spawned millions of fans, millions of worlds and perhaps one of the biggest influences on a lot of indie developers out there. They looked at you and said if he can do it then so the hell can I.  You can say what you want but it’s regardless! Hell, you made a game that for the longest time was the only game my son wanted to play and he was only 3 at the time! He would install Minecraft on my phone, on my tablet and when I finally installed it on the PC he would not stop playing it. Now I don’t know how you look at it but to me that’s huge. If a 3-year old child likes a game you created, well it should say more than enough.

Notch is leaving the company he started from the ground up, Microsoft has pledged that they won’t pull Minecraft from the other platforms the the title is already on. That only makes sense from a business perspective as still would be make money of every game sold, so at the end of the day who is affected here? What’s that? No one you say? Well you’re absolutely correct, no one is being hurt or cast out. Not one soul, so why all the fuss?As for Microsoft, they are a business regardless if you like them or not. They aren’t here to make friends, they’re here to make money just like a business does. If you feel that they are destroying video games and the idustry I’d love to ponder what else you think regarding that subject. Like them or not they are still responsible for some of the biggest and well know games coming to light.

Seeya later Notch!

Sanity or money people it shouldn’t matter. The bottom line is this; He made the game, he did it for himself and even the the masses of gamers and now he wants out. You don’t matter regardless if you think you do. All that matters here is he wants to be done with Mojang and take a few steps back, maybe he wants to go enjoy his life and do other things. As a supporter of what he’s done with the indie scene and Minecraft, perhaps you should be happy and cheering for him instead of dogging him and calling him a sell-out. If you don’t like it then why don’t you take all your time, all your resources, all your money and go create a game and see how you like what follows.

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    It’s very simple – every studio they acquire, they destroy. The once proud and powerful Rare has been reduced to an avatar designing, kinect game making rubble. The same will go for Mojang.

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      Keith D. Mitchell

      I agree with you regarding RARE, but at least we finally got a new KI. I never thought MS purchased RARE for anything other than their IPs which they didn’t even use.

      I don’t know what they have in-store for Mojang but I’m fearful for not Minecraft but Scrolls.

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      Rare was in shambles and near obsolete before Microsoft even bought them. People tend to think their value to Microsoft now a days is still mostly about big IPs….IT’S NOT!

      If you have been following their developer blogs, or just Rare development overall you’ll notice they’re more of a R&D studios for games than it is actual game development. Otherwise Microsoft would have dumped them long ago.

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    It’s very obvious. $0N¥ pauperfanboys can’t handle the fact that MS can buy anything they want and do whatever they want when $0N¥ (no dollars, no yen) can’t. This is also going to be the biggest franchise in gaming history very soon and is going to feature a Microsoft Games Studios banner on PlayStation platforms, which is hilarious. Poor paupers.

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      hey trolly mctroll is rolling his troll ball here too! On any and every article whether it has directly relation to anything or not. You keep fightin’ the good fight! I love to see you have fun trolly troll. Keep on trollin’.

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    A. Nobody cares. I think people that are so childish like ‘$onY pauperfanboys” sayers want this to be a big deal. It is not. Not a peep except form people writing blogs/articles on asking the question.
    B. the guy got paid. Awesome. world wide dream. Lightning striking twice is VERY hard in any industry.
    C. Microsoft either has degraded, collapsed or, over used anything it buys. I’m sure there was a vision purchased, but Microsoft and their need to commercialize and market stuff will ruin it.
    Good to see Microsoft once again buy a product that someone else did instead of investing in its own ideas. I see things will never change but as long as it is crap like nokia, Kinect, zune, and such, I just see them digging bigger holes for all that money they make off of marketing and advertising.

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      You can tell yourself that it’s not a big deal. But overall on facebook and other social mediums, they’re making a big deal of this. Most obviously Sony fans.

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        Why would Sony fans care? They have been getting YEARS of award winning games. What does the creators of minecraft have? What has Microsoft bought that turned successful?
        History vs a purchase my friend. History wins.

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        As stated your point is subjective. Sony fans no matter what you state in your lil’ comments, are making this a big deal than it is.

        So all your BS about “history vs purchase”…whatever that means, can blow it out you endhole. Try not to be overly complex with unnecessary drivel, you look stupid.

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        How does your uneducated statement vs mine look stupid. Try facts when doing deductions. Or are you not that far in your education yet? Normal boner defense statements does nothing but prove your inability to educate yourself. Be blind whatever is clever

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        Once again you’ve proven yourself an asshat.

        It’s simple “deduction”, lol. On social media, there is a lot of heat with Microsoft buying Minecraft and lame one liners…most of them Sony fanboys. Geez, your so full of crap. It’s not complicated, lol! Defending a useless argument clearly show you need to do a lil’ deduction reasoning yourself.

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        I just picture you spitting with the red veins on your forehead as you absolutely make no sense as you try to make an argument. What is the point? Please list why a sony fan would care? Would it not be the PC crowd since it was their baby then xbox THEN sony? And everyone still gets to enjoy minecraft so where is the loss?
        Or are you just going to repeat the same crap of which is literally useless.

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        That is my point, lol! If it’s on every platform, WHY are they making a big deal?! Damn, are you that much of a dense prick to over-complicate a simple argument point.

        Since the announcement of the buy out, you couldn’t go on any social medium without someone complaining about it, and most of em’ were Sony fanboys. You have an issue with conveying arguments simply because you’re more confrontational than you are reasonable.

        I understand what your on about, so your not stating anything I don’t understand. There isn’t any reason to fret over this as a sony fan, except to wonder what in hell’s name is Microsoft going to do with Minecraft. YET, Sony fanboys are making this a big deal.

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    Simon Hopwood

    Was this written by a five year old?! The spelling and grammar is appalling