Persona Q 3DS Model Finally Coming to the West!

Along with the NES Skin and Smash Bros 3DS model, Persona fans can finally get their hands on the Persona Q model that was introduced in Japan.

It’s Glorious….

Many Persona fans begged and voiced greatly about wanting to get this model. Myself included. All the effort is now rewarded and personally I can’t wait to get my hands on this!  This will no doubt be a collectors item for Persona fans. Thank you ATLUS. The Persona Q 3DS model will be released alongside the game on November 25, 2014. Only available at GameStop.

Speaking as one of the few who doesn’t have a 3DS, this will be one to make me join the bandwagon. So the only reason you would want to get a 3DS now is that you either don’t have it yet, want to get the limited edition, or you’re just a hardcore fan of the Persona series and limited edition goods.

But I agree with the public feedback , you have to question what Nintendo is doing after announcing an upgraded 3DS last week. Why announced this now after the impending  promise of a new 3DS upgrade next year or later? Is it for sales? Satisfying the hardcore audience? If this news was before the “New” 3DS, then perhaps it would have been enough justify the purchase of these limited edition 3DS. But if there is an upgrade on the horizon, perhaps its better to hold out for now and save the money? And the naming, it will only lead to mass confusion. Unless they change it in the next E3.


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