Persona 5’s First Trailer, Coming to PS3 AND PS4!

Earlier today, in Japan, ATLUS showed of the first official trailer for Persona 5.

We get our first look at what appears to be the main protagonist of the game. If he is the main character, this would be the first time the main character wore glasses. Next, we see him on the train which then gives us a look at his uniform, which is a black and white striped shield emblem. What could it mean when taken into context of the last two school emblems? We are then shown one of the major locales of Japan, Shibuya. This location is famous for its crossroads and its foot traffic. You thought Time Square was horrible? This view is followed by the official logo of Persona 5To put it in comparison, Persona 3 is a cubic, digital stylized font. Persona 4 is more elegant and italicized. Here, the font is  bold and very straight forward. Personally, it’s an interesting take that will take some time for me to appreciate it.

Person 5 is now slated for PS3 and PS4! Originally, it was thought to be exclusive to PS3. But now it will be available on the current gen system. We just need this game on the Vita and the entire Sony family will be happy. This may be the reason I get a PS4 – can you imagine the possibilities with this game on the new hardware?

At the end of the trailer, are the blue flames of a Persona summoning. We don’t see the Persona because the video cuts to a close up of the main character’s eyes. As with the past 2 Persona games, this is a staple view when one summons their persona. It closes off by showing their Japanese website that you can find by clicking here.  Director Katsura Hashino,  Character Designer Shigenori Soejima, and Main Composer Shoji Meguro will be reprising their roles in the production of this game.

All aboard the hype train! In both senses of the  phrase. I cannot wait for more information to be released during the Tokyo Game Show.


Persona 5 will be released on both PS3, and PS4 in 2015 in Japan and the US.

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