Mortal Kombat X controller revealed and man is it ugly

Revealed during the recent GameStop Expo that took place last week, a Mortal Kombat X controller for the PS4/Xbox One was shown off. Oddly enough this controller seems to be made exclusive for fighting games and not much as else as the d-pad as well as the trigger buttons are absent from the design and the bumper trippers were moved onto the front of the controller giving you access to 6 buttons. In fact all I can see that is a bonus is the 6 button layout, why the heck would you even remove the d-pad?

Not sure who is producing this gamepad but it looks very similar to the PDP versus controller and let me tell you friends, that controller was not very comfortable or worthwhile for playing fighters with, I should know as I picked up two of them….. and promptly returned them. It also didn’t score any decent reviews either. It’s really a shame if the past is any indication off since Mortal Kombat X is looking to be a worthly successor to Mortal Kombat (2011) and yet we get this crappy controller as through a licensing agreement (PDP also made the Mortal Kombat 2011 controller. Why not goto MadCatz or Hori, why PDP? I love Mortal Kombat but I can’t co-sign on this, not at all!

I can’t say I’d recommend anyone to check out this controller when it hits, that said I’ll make sure I pick one up to review but I’m not expecting much from it.




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    Carlos Abdu

    Wait. full stop. Isn’t this the controller that was at one point, the best fighting game pad to date closely tying into the Neo Geo Gamepad and The Sega Saturn Pad? I remember how Neph would go on about how good this controller felt, how the joystick was very precise and I’ve looked all over for a cheap version to buy to play KOF XII with.

    As for the controller itself, it looks economical and has good placement of the buttons. Yeah it sucks that it has not d-pad but Neph told me this was meant to to be a controller alternative to an arcade stick, so it kind of makes sense. That being said, it looks somewhat less strudy than regular gamepads and I’m not sure about the longevity. Besides, it’;s not like MK is a game that isn’t hard to use with a regular 360 controller