Impressions from the Mighty No.9 beta so far


Recently the beta for Mighty No.9 became accessible to everyone selected a specific tier during the Kickstarter. I’ve been playing the beta over and over so far and I’ve been liking what I’m playing. To be 100% honest here I had a huge smile on my face and it wasn’t cause of fake hype but due to the fact that it felt like I was playing Megaman for the very first time again. Yes I know this isn’t Megaman but that’s the thing, it feels like it. Along side the new concepts in gameplay it definitely feels like the tried and true experience and then some.

The beta only gives you access to one stage currently which is a mixture of standard of 2D platforming elements which allow you to practice Mighty No.9’s attacks and Xel acquisitions. At the end of that stage is a boss character, Mighty No.5, which seemed to do a tad too much damage and I wasn’t able to always predict his attacks. The second I thought I knew what he was going to do it seemed to switch up the animation and do something else completely. Also his bomb explosion attack is a bit too noisy as it covers half the screen and as such it blocks what ever is in the explosion. This isn’t too helpful if the boss happens to be in that screen as he still attacks you and sadly his attacks are covered by the explosion, making them hard to see and dodge.

I notice and issue from time to time that changed my direction of fire but I’m 100% sure if it was related to the game or my controller. I’m willing to give the beta the benefit of the doubt that it was my controller, it is an older Xbox 360 controller and while I’d love to use my Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller they aren’t wireless on the PC and I sit a good 11-12 feet away from my PC gaming setup.

Still from what I’ve played I can safely say that everyone is in for a treat when Mighty No.9 finally does get it’s official release. And I’ll keep you posted with more beta on-goings as they happen.

I’ve added some game footage recorded from the current Mighty No.9 beta of the Military Stage and of the boss battle against Mighty No.5. sadly I don’t have the in-game music as the recording software I used decided to stop recording the audio but i’ll have this fixed for the next time.

Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress and does not represent the finished product.