Gauntlet 2014 is missing a 1080p resolution but we show you how to get it back


While Gauntlet 2014 has been released for the PC, which is tons of fun I might add, there is a slight issue with the game. As it currently stands the game lacks a specific resolution, namely 1920×1080 and while I’m sure this was a simple oversight it’s still an issue. But fear not as we’re going to tell you how to get your precious 1080p resolution back so you won’t have to wait for WB & Arrowhead Game Studio patch it into the game.

How to make with the fix:

  1. Locate the “AppData” folder. For Windows 7/8 you can find this under c:\users\your_user\appdata or you can just type “%appdata% at the cmd prompt/run prompt.
  2. Inside the folder you will see three folders; Local, Locallow and Roaming. Navigate to the Roaming folder.
  3. Inside the Roaming folder will be Arrowhead folder and in that will be the Gauntlet folder.
  4. To be safe, make a copy of the Gauntlet folder and then enter the folder.
  5. There will be a file called “user_settings”. You will need to edit this with a text editor. I recommend using “Notepad++”, but whatever you do don’t use the default notepad.
  6. Once you open the file, scroll down until you see line that reads “screen_resolution = [1768 992]” and  change it to screen_resolution = [1920 1080].  If you can go higher than go ahead and use your highest monitor setting, however I’ve only tested it on 192x1080p.
  7. Be sure to save the file.

Once this changes are made you will be able to start the game in these resolution you entered in the config file. Keep in mind that if you change the resolution from your entered values inside the game then you’ll have to go back and fix it again.

Hope this helps everyone! Enjoy the game, I am.

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