Smash Bros: Shulk Joins the Fight!

Earlier in the week, a leak showed what appears to be the full character roster for Smash Bros. on the 3DS. From the characters shown, Shulk of Xenoblade Chronicles  appeared with his trusty Monado.  Earlier today in Nintendo Direct for 3ds, it is now confirmed. Shulk joins the cast of Smash Bros!

The time has come!


In the trailer, we see the world of Bionis.  Now that he is in Smash Bros. we can finally see his face in HD. Just by seeing the gameplay shown, you can tell how much they have pushed the hardware. From the folds of his clothes to his facial expression, this game is just oozing with detail. This is quite true with the Monado. On the Wii, the Monado was decent but it looked like a plastic toy. Now being on the Wii U, you can see the shine and weight that is the Monado.

Another main highlight is his Final Smash. Seeing him triggering a chain attack with Rikki and Dunban, it’s a great ode to Xenoblade Chronicles. We also get to see the stage for Shulk, which is the Bionis Fields. Again, to see the background and to see Mechonis looming, it shows that Sakurai really wants this game to do justice.

At the end, we see a looming shadow over Shulk. For those who played or saw Xenoblade Chronicles, you will know who this “Mechon is”.

The official Smash Bros. site released screenshots to go along with the reveal.


Also announced in the Direct was that Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to the 3DS system. So in case you don’t want to pay 80$-200$ for the Wii version, or didn’t had to fortune to get it on release. you will get another chance on the handheld.

Smash Bros for 3DS will released this October 3, 2014. While the Wii U version is being released this Holiday season.