Rank up, Season 4 Reward Skin is Going to Morgana


And the Season 4 Victorious skin goes to… MORGANA, for being seriously OP all season!

Hold on to your boots, the League of Legends season 4 reward skins just got revealed.

Anyone who tested their mettle in ranked matches this season will be rewarded when season closes this November. Both solo queue and premade teams can earn rewards, so be sure to give both a shot.

The 75 point ward skin. Isn’t it cute?

Team Rewards

To be eligible for the team re-ward skin, you need to have played in either a 3v3 or a 5v5 team and earned at least 20 points. Each 3v3 win yields 1 point, while each 5v5 win hands over 3.
Just so you know, the points are collected individually and carry over across any teams you join and play in. Because of this, you MUST be in the game to earn points. You’ll earn nothing if you join a team and never play.

Look at this sweet ward skin. Don’t you want to show it off to everyone? It just about screams “I’m awesome at teamwork.”

Ranked Tier Rewards

The ranked tier rewards will be handed out according to what tier you achieved in solo queue or as a team. To qualify for the ranked tier rewards in a team you must have won at least 10 games with the team. Of course, the higher you go the better the rewards are.
Note: this is not based off the highest tier you attained, but the tier you ended the season in.

Ranked rewards

How high are you aiming?

Master and Challenger Tier Changes

Over the next few weeks the live testing of Master Tier will be concluded and every server will be seeing it integrated into their ranking system. Master Tier will be found slotted in between Diamond 1 and Challenger. Players who successfully complete their promotion series at the top of Diamond 1 will be placed into Master Tier. Every 24 hours anyone who has earned enough League Points (LP) to be considered as within the top 200 solo queue players or 50 teams on the server will get shifted up to Challenger, and any Challenger players or teams who have been over taken and dropped below top 200 or 50 respectively will be rotated out.

So what are you waiting for? Hit that solo queue and earn those rewards!


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