PlayStation Brand Outsells Xbox 3:1 in Q1 2014; Killer Instinct to Get Retail Version

Sony’s Financial Reports Released; PlayStation Brand Outsells Xbox 3:1 in Q1 2014

Sony released its financial statements for the 1st quarter of Fiscal Year 2014 (April 1st – June 30) this week, according to these financials, year-over-year game revenues have risen by 95.7 percent.

Sony’s Games and Network Services division reveal ¥257.7 billion ($2.5 billion) generated in sales, being attributed to the successful launch of the PlayStation 4 console. Last year’s first quarter loss of ¥16.4 billion ($164 million) has been replaced with a ¥4.3 billion ($43 million) operating profit, despite lower sales numbers for PlayStation 3 consoles and games.

Sony didn’t reveal how many PS4 and PS3 consoles were sold separately. The report does confirm that combined consumer sales reached 3.5 million units in the first quarter, up about 300 percent from last year’s 1.1 million. Combined PSP, PS Vita and Vita TV (Playstation TV) sales also rose 20 percent from 600,000 units last year to 750,000 this year.

Microsoft, who released their financials last week, revealed that the shipping figures for the Xbox One and 360 are at 1.1 million, revealing a 3:1 differential in sales for the first three months of fiscal year 2014.

Sony, for the full year, is forecasting revenues of ¥1,240 billion for it’s Games and Network division, with ¥25 billion in operating revenues.

Source: IGN


Killer Instinct to Get Retail Version

Microsoft announced on its blog that Iron Galaxy and Xbox are planning a special retail release for Killer Instinct, called the “Killer Instinct: Combo Breaker Pack” starting September 23, for $19.99.

Releases September 23rd, 2014, for $19.99

The pack comes with all of the Season 1 characters (Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal, and Fulgore) as well as a code for Season 2’s TJ Combo.

Killer Instinct: Season 2 comes out later this year on Xbox One.

Source: Xbox Wire

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