Persona News Recap: All about Persona 4 Arena Ultimax!

This week, ATLUS has released more character videos for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. This week, we have Yu Narukami, Youske Hanamura, Yukiko Amagi, both Sho Minazukis, and Shadow Labrys. We also get a look at the DLC characters that will be free on the first week of release, Tohru Adachi and Marie. Also on the Japanese side, Margaret was shown with Lucifer and the Morning Star. While there isn’t an official English trailer for Margaret yet; all I can say is that with most of the Velvet Room attendants here, I hope that Theodore will make it to complete the set.

We see Yu Narukami once again but with some new changes. What appears to be the auto combo seems to be altered in middle of the trailer. Instead of Izanagi’s low special, it is replaced with the Lion’s dive. And the linking special at the end of the trailer. Oh my god….


Next, we have Youske Hanamura. He retains his speed and overall quickness. Again, the combo special at the end. Thousand Knives!


Then we have Yukiko Amagi. We see more example’s of linking specials together.


Next, we have the main antagonist : Sho Minazuki. Though it seems that Sho and Minazuki are separate characters. He is  voiced by Todd Haberkorn (Natsu of Fairy Tale, Italy from Hetalia).   Sho doesn’t have a persona and is mostly physical and combo based. He is also a master of puns.


While Minazuki has the persona of Tsukiyomi, and is more calm and collective. As you can see, he is all about dishing out pain.


Another returning face is Shadow Labrys. “Kiss my shiny metal ass…” Holy moly. Also to take note is the small meter above the special meter. Similar with Aigis, it seems you can use Asterius, her persona, a certain amount to connect combos.


Finally, we have an introduction to the DLC characters that will be free for the first week of release: Tohru Adachi and Marie!

Adachi has all the element attacks in his arsenal. He also has Izanagi’s special as his normal attacks. For his finisher, Magatsu Izangi drags the opponent to the TV world and executes in brutal fashion. He really does remind me of Hazama of BlazBlue. While Marie keeps her persona of Kaguya. If you notice again above her special meter, it seems that weather will play a role in her attacks. For her finisher, she transforms to Izanami-no-mikoto, harness her magtama, and uses her Hot Lightning.


And finally Margaret. Though the trailer is in Japanese right now, its very likely she will have her English trailer soon. Here we see her use different personas. She is more close range and physical than Elizabeth. Yoshitsune and his Hassou Tobi. Cu Chulainn’s gale attack. And finally the Morining Star finisher of Lucifer. We already know the attendants of the Velvet Room were badass already. But to control the one who rules over the heat and tension of battle…I’m getting goosebumps.


I cannot wait for this game in September!


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be released September 30, 2014 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Learn more about the game on their main website.


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