Persona 4 Arena News! Chie, Ken and Labrys show off thier kicks, spear, and ax!


In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax news this week, ATLUS showed off Chie Satonaka, Ken Amada and Koromaru, and Labrys in action in thier chatrcter videos. While  Chie and Labrys aren’t too surprising, we get to finally see a changed Ken Amada and Koromaru and their combo attacks.

Ken Amada

He has definitely grown up a lot since the last time we saw him. He is now a high school student at Gekkokan High. We also see Koro-chan sporting Ken’s orange hoodie. In the video, we see that he is also a long range fight like Yukari.  However, with Koromaru as a sub character  in the tag team, Ken and Koromaru can split their attacks and put pressure on the opponent. Also worth noting is that Mona Marshall is reprising her role as Ken. It will take a while to adjust to the new change in voice pitch, but I was expecting…I don’t know…a more bishounen voice? That’s just me, though.


Chie Satonaka

Chie is back with her ferocious kicks and God Hand. She does the same technique as Youske and chaining her special buff to her God Hand Special.



Finally, we have Labrys. I still love her accent. I faced Labrys players and this video shows what most of those players do. The burst connecting specials at the end is a great connection, which no doubt will be used in EVO tournaments.


On the ATLUS Facebook Page, they announced that if you preorder the game on PSN, you will get the Complete Color DLC pack (priced at 5.99) for free and also you get an exclusive theme as well. Don’t know about you, but I rather punch Teddie and have a set of Persona Tarot cards.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be released September 30,2014.

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