Oh noes. SpiderWoman has her butt spread on the upcoming SpiderWoman comic

Or maybe it’s perhaps people should stop trying to make things out of something that isn’t there. Case in point, I don’t know who these so-called women feminist are getting worked up about the latest cover of the upcoming SpiderWoman comic. Yes I’ll admit that her, um… butt is a bit exaggerated. Sure let’s go with that. But (Pun intended) she’s in crawling position for crying out loud, her butt is going spread and stick out like that. Seriously?

Has anyone who is condemning the cover art even read a comic before? Specifically any SpiderMan comic? That guy is constantly in that position, he climbs like that, he attacks like that, he’s imitating a freaking spider for crying out loud And guess what? SpiderWoman does the same thing, geez.



I got to say the amount of stuff that’s being labeled sexist by these so-called feminist these days is alarming. It seems that we’re going backwards rather than forward. And I’ll be honest here, I’m a man and I love the woman’s form. I respect and yes I do think about it from time to time. I don’t have an issue with this and I’d be the first to complain if it wasn’t tasteful. It’s not like she’s crouching while grabbing her breast while wearing some skimpy lingerie.

Hell, just for the spite of it I even asked my wife if she thought it was offensive. Guess what? She didn’t, so why the hell are you all getting so worked up? Gotta stop calling foul or people aren’t going to take you seriously again or for some of you ever at all.

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