Oh no he didn’t just say what I thought he did.

So far Marvel comic based movies have done it all, battles on earth, fights on Asgard and they’ve even gone to a completely different dimension. Is there anything that they haven’t done? Well up until this past Friday there was but now they’ve even crossed that threshold.  If you’re not following what I’m referring to it is regarding the use of “curse words” in their movies. Now now, before you go off on a tangent, I really don’t care of the usage or not. Heck I’m guilty of dropping a curse or fifty through the course of my day and that’s using restraint.


What a bunch of a… Woah buddy, you can’t say that in this film!

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is perhaps the first time in a Marvel comic based movie that I can recall that the use of “curse” words made it into the film. And while they were only used a handful of times  and however mild they were, the point being here is that they were present in the movie. And even while there were other obscenities present in the movie they did refrain dropping the F-bomb, they did present its usage at one point through vivid imagination all while never truly using the word.


I’m pretty sure you knew exactly what you were doing pal.

And yes while other words were dropped such as when Drax called Gamora a “whore” or when Star-Lord blurted out a witty “you said it bitch, we’re the guardians of the galaxy” phase when disposing of Ronin, I found the usage of said obscenities very tame while being slightly tongue & cheek. But still I’m just not used to curse words being used in a Marvel movie, not that is a bad thing it’s just, well different.  For all you parents out there wondering if they should take their children to see Guardians of the Galaxy, I’ll be honest with you. As a father of two children I find that regardless of how protective you are of your children’s ears, they’re likely to hear far more worse words at school,  TV, at the local supermarket or even from a passerby on the street.

Plus all kids love Groot!

I can’t say that I’m surprised and I would have expected this in previous movies, especially in those that had more dire situations at the time. You mean to tell me that at no point in the Avengers that someone didn’t drop a F-bomb or two to themselves?

What do you think about it all?

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