Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors Direct useful bits

So Nintendo hosted a Direct feed last night the focused on their upcoming Hyrule Warriors game for the Wii U. Now while most of the video was a rehash there was some new information that came out of the feed, some that will excite the Zelda fans.


  • Ganondorf will be a playable character
  • Ganondorf will also have multiple costumes and will have access to the Demon King set as the copy of the game is registered by October 23rd
  • Ghirahim from Skyward Sword will be a playable character
  • Zant from Twilight Princess will be a playable character
  • Chain Chomp from the Super Mario series will be in-game as a usable weapon for Link
  • A new mode: Adventure Mode which will let games explore Hyrule and let games unlock new playable characters and weapons. Will also include a map similar to the original Legend of Zelda
  • Skulltulas will be hidden throughout the world which will aware gamers if found.

Just in case you missed the Direct feed last night or perhaps you just want to see it again, here is the feed from last night.


Hyrule Warriors comes to the WiiU on September 26th for the USA.

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