What’s that? The all new, New 3DS is revealed!

New 3DS

The New 3DS looks similar to the ‘old’ 3DS. I like it!

Nintendo has revealed their new designs for the 3DS, known as the New 3DS or New 3DS LL (3DS XL.) These new designs feature the C-Button or extra analog stick as a like to call it, more triggers buttons and better NFC (Near Field Communication) Support.

With the New 3DS, it also has a faster CPU allowing for more powerful games to be created and allows for smoother running with older games. This is where fans may start to be turned away as the new CPU is actually Required for some of the games, including Xenoblade Chronicles which was announced with the New 3DS.

The new C-button included (In memory of the Gamecube, childhood *wipes tears away.*) will allow for better control over different games, kinda hoping it was there for Ocarina of Time 3D, I didn’t like the touch screen ocarina playing too much. But this means more additions such as first person shooters may be an option for Nintendo. I personally think more 3D first person shooters would be awesome.


New 3DS

The tiny, but well placed C-button

On the subject of 3D, they’ve also given the New 3DS a screen that allows for the 3D to be viewed at a wider angle, which is going to a god send. One of my main problems with the ‘old’ 3DS is that I like to move about a lot and with moving, comes different angles, so it would make me go cross-eyed, leaving me on the floor holding my eyes as if I’d seen my dad in a bathing suit.

The New 3DS includes most features that the 3DS has on it’s Circle Pad Pro accessory, but built into the device making it smaller and keeping it similar to it’s older design, though, these new (or actually ancient) colored SNES buttons are very pleasant to look at.

New 3DS

The SNES buttons! Damn Nintendo, stop hitting me in the childhood!

The NFC support allows for not only AR cards but figurines to be used, giving it a more real experience I suppose, as well as letting you collect a bunch of cool interactive figurines from the Amiibo toys range!

When the New 3DS is released, it will come in White and Black for the Nintendo New 3DS and Metallic Black and Metalic blue for the Nintendo New 3DS LL. There is also a range of covers or ‘cases’ (used loosely) for the New 3DS that was revealed, so much range that I’ll name Mario and Peach for now.

As a last note, there will also be a firmware update for the 3DS that allowed customisable themes, such as backgrounds, selective placement of software blocks.

New 3DS

The firmware update for 3DS

I think with all the new stuff we’re getting from the New 3DS, there will be a bundle of options for new games and definitely a more enjoyable experience from a handheld that was meant to be 3D, but was always turned off because it felt like we were staring at the sun too long.

Yet again viewers,
Rock on!

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