It’s dangerous out there take this Nendoriod Link with you

Looks like the Good Smile Company is up to their kick ass ways and this time around they’ve gone and captured Link from Nintendo’s “The Wind Waker“. Ladies and Gentleman, I present you with Nendoroid Link. Isn’t he just adorable?


Standing at 100mm / 4 inches, Link is constructed from non-scale ABS and includes 3 different facial expressions (Combat, serious and smiling), the Hero’s Sword, Hero’s Shield, a heart container, slashing sword effect and the Wind Waker.

The figure also comes with a PVC stand that you can also place additional items on. Currently going for $39.99 (not including shipping) this piece is set to release sometime this month (August 2014). From the “legendary” game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker comes this Nendoroid of the Hero of Winds, Link! Perfectly capturing his characteristic cartoonish look from Wind Waker, this Nendoroid comes with everything you need to help the Hero of Winds defeat the evil Ganondorf and once again save the land of Hyrule from utter destruction.

Also, with the included facial expressions you can pose him fiercely slicing his way through a horde of goblins in the Forbidden Fortress, slyly sneaking by said horde if you prefer the stealth route, calling upon the winds to help him on his journey, gaining a heart container after defeating a boss, or just looking confident in the face of danger. This figure is sure to provide endless hours of fun for any fan as well as be a truly heroic addition to your collection.

You can preorder your very own from,, ($39.99 + free shipping)  or at your favorite gaming import store.