Get ready Pokemon fans! POKKEN TOURNAMENT has been announced!

pokken_tournament _1

What do you get when  you combine the world of Pokemen with a 3-D fighter? Well if you’ve been following the news then the answer is apparent, you get POKKEN TOURNAMENT! First hinted at during the Pokemon Game Show earlier this month, Pokken Tournament will be a 3-D fighter and will be yet another collaboration project for Nintendo, this time around working with Bandai-Namco.

So let’s get this right, a Pokemon fighting game from the company that brought us 3-D fighters such as Tekken and Soul Calibur / Soul Edge? This will be interesting to say the least!

Pokken Tourament is slated to be released into Arcades in Japan in 2015, there has been no announcement for consoles as of yet however.

More as the story develops.