Ferguson and racial tension throughout our communities


Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of Michael Brown as well as everyone who is caught up in the non-sense that is exploding in Ferguson, Missouri. The act committed against the family and community is simply disgusting and is just another example of how the police have been abusing their power in this day and again. This is compounded by other acts such as the death of Eric GarnerJohn Crawford, Ezell Ford and even Dante Parker.

And for all people out there saying that racism has nothing to do with this, as much as we’d love to agree we simply can’t.  The research was done, take a look:


There’s plenty more out there, just go look it up. Race is a huge factor here and the sad part is racism will never die unless we as a people wise the hell up. And let’s keep it real here, this isn’t just regarding racial tension related incidents committed against blacks cause it happens to all races. However why is it that we hear more about these acts committed towards blacks more and more?

At the same time this is not a reason to act like animals and start rioting and involving innocent people. Stop looting, stop rioting, stop hurting people who didn’t have anything to do with these acts. This does nothing but send the wrong signal and only causes a downward spiral.

We’re all humans, our life is precious and we shouldn’t be wasting it in senseless violence. To the police who let their hard-on for power you need to realize you aren’t some vigilante. You’re there to protect and serve the community, you’re there to help the people and not murder them in cold blood. You were trained not to shot an unarmed person, you know you were as well. Everything regarding this issue is due to the fault on both sides here and sadly we’ll never be able to know the entire truth due to Michael Brown no longer being with us.

This is a wake up call!

To the community we need to remember the fallen and show our frustration and contempt in a peaceful manner. As a black male I can say I understand their grieving and frustration, it isn’t always easy and the looks I still get on a daily basis in an area that I would consider very mild is still alarming. I won’t lie and say there aren’t times I’m not fearful for my live when it comes with dealing with the police simply because I am. I’ve seen the reports, I’ve seen first hand experiences and the last few years have been a huge eye opener. This all has to stop people!

Black, White, Yellow, Blue… who cares. We as a people need to understand our differences and live together, especially if we hope to have a future that’s worth a damn. All we’re doing is setting the wrong example across the spectrum and it’s weighing us down. And this issue in Ferguson is a clear example. Does this has to get worse before it gets better? I sure hope the hell not, I definitely don’t wan to see worse.

To this we hope that justice prevails and that the family of Michael Brown can heal and move on with their lives.

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