DDOS Attacks Causing Mayhem on Game Servers


With a series of distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks affecting big-name game servers over the weekend, gamers everywhere have been moderately inconvenienced.

Titles such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, RuneScape and EVE Online, as well as the Sony PSN and Xbox Live have all experienced server instability in the last few days. Of course, forums were flooded with complaints, shouts for fast solutions and demands for compensation *cough*LeagueofLegends*cough*, but one question rang out above the others; what can be done to reduce down time in the future?

It’s a difficult question, but one that has been taken seriously. It is so serious that it was already being worked on before the question was even asked.

“Defending against DDOS attacks is an arms race that we will always be engaged in, and we are committed to reducing the pain you all feel as swiftly as possible when the service is being impacted by malicious attacks,” said Riot’s ArmiesofZNight, on the League of Legends board.

Heads up, some games are still experiencing difficulties and it’s likely more issues may arise over the next few days. So chill out, watch for updates and try not to engage in any competitive game modes, because you might get booted.

For now, I advise playing some Pokemon and waiting for server support to sort this one out, since they’re the experts.

For more information on a specific game and how it has been affected by the DDOS attacks, head over to the server status or customer support tabs on their website.

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    Keith D. Mitchell

    Yep, the WoW servers were crap. Trying to get my second legendary cloak and the raid was just disappearing.

    Damned script kiddies and their zombie bots.