Killer Instinct Season Two character reveal and more from EVO 2014

Killer instinct Season 2 Maya

Iron Galaxy has announced several for the upcoming Killer Instinct Season 2. We already know of TJ Combo however Maya (Killer Instinct 2) was just recently announced. But that’s not all. Along with the reveal was the addition of Air Counter Breakers, a new ladder system and stage finishers (Ultras?). Per the panel all characters, current, new and upcoming will be able to perform an air counter breaker.

*Update* More info regarding Maya. Apparently her stage is called “City of Dawn” and it’s set in South Africa. She will also be able to retrieve her daggers so I’m assuming it’s similar to a boomerang by judging from her art work. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the trailers.

Sadly there was nothing mentioned about Cinder (yet?) with is disappointing especially since he was hinted at in the end of TJ Combo’s reveal trailer.

Lastly Iron Galaxy has devoted themselves to correct several outstanding issues with the reboot of Killer Instinct such as broken combo’s and will also continue to ramp up more reveals throughout Season 2.

They also revealed that they’re still actively working on the soundtrack so sadly that means no official OST release just yet (damn).

Killer Instinct Season Two heads to the Xbox One during Fall 2014.

Source: Madcatz Twitch Stream and KI Central Twitter