Announcements from VIZ Media at SDCC’14

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Attendees of the various VIZ Media/Neon Alley panels were truly rewarded. So far VIZ has given away four books to attendees. They also delivered promising news about popular franchises.

*Sailor Moon’s remastered DVD set will feature a shimmering slip case that will attach to future releases as they continue to remaster the series. They estimate that you can purchase each set for $50

* The popular Neon Genesis Evangelion is finally coming to a close. The street date for volume 14 is 11/20/2014. It will publish simultaneously in the US and Japan. Retail:$9.99

* All You Need Is Kill, art work by the same artist who brought you Death Note and Bauman, will be released as an omnibus similar to the the Death Note Black Editions. Street date is 11/4/2014.

*Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure is printing for the first time in English. The deluxe edition will feature color pages and new cover art. Each volume will retail at 19.99. The first new volume will release 2/3/2015.

Each day of San Diego Comic  Con early birds who visit the VIZ booth will get a choice from one of four exclusive bags with any purchase.

Source: VIZ Media Panel @ San Diego Comic Con 2014

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