TJ Combo makes his return back to Killer Instinct and then some!

As a big fan of Killer Instinct I was extremely happy when Microsoft had announced that Killer Instinct would be making it’s return on the Xbox One. However I was pretty bummed to find out that two of my favorite characters wasn’t on the Season One roster and there wasn’t much information on if they would even return to the series, but thankfully this was cleared up during Microsoft’s E3 2014 conference.

Making his return is TJ Combo (Season 2 will land sometime during Fall 2014) intact with his patriotic colors along with a new model, he’s even sporting a new due and it also loos like he’s got a new move-set with some original moves making a return. He’s looking pretty good though a bit scarred up. But wait, I said two of my favorite characters didn’t I? If you check out the flash at the end of the trailer, the one that’s reflecting off of TJ Combo then you can probably figure out who also is making his return. It’s pretty unique and should clue you in on exactly who I’m referring to.

Is that you, Cinder?

Is that you, Cinder?

Season Two looks to continue the streak that Season One ended on and I can’t wait! I wonder if other characters such as Mya, Kim Wui, Riptor or even Tusk will also make their return back to the series.

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