The Summer doesn’t start until Valve says so

And since today is the start of the Steam Summer Sale, I’m pretty sure that Valve has started the Summer two days early. Running from today until June 30th, 2014, the Summer Sale bring PC gamers much joy alwhile robbing them of their hard earned money. Seems like a pretty fair trade if you ask me.

HEY! I’m not done yet! Sure the Summer Sale is about buying games but we can’t forget about the crafting and badges. What crafting and badges you ask? Well for every $10 USD you spend you earn 1 card and once you gather 10 cards you can craft a Summer Adventure Badge. You can also earn cards by voting 3x which will net you a card, trading for them or purchasing a card via the Steam Market. But i’m not going to go through the whole process as we’ll be here all day so I’ll defer to the Summer Sale.


And while you’re at it don’t forget about the “Flash” sakes that run along side the Summer Sale but at short time intervals.

They’ve already emptied my wallet, pray they don’t do the same to you! MUAHAHAHAHAA!

Steam’s Summer Sale – Link