Shovel Knight has an arranged soundtrack already?


You better believe it does. Right after the release the original soundtrack for Shovel Knight we not have the pleasure of receiving another gift in the form of an arranged Shovel Knight soundtrack.  Entitled “Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged“, Jake “Virt” Kaufman returns but with some familiar and new names such as Manami Matsumae, Snappleman and Norg just to name a few in tow.

This time around we’re treated to a 18-track album full arranged in-game tracks as well as a few that didn’t make it into the original soundtrack such as the kickstarter, second and even the release trailer themes. And just like the original soundtrack release you can name your price for purchasing the soundtrack over at

Please show your support and at offer up at least $1.00!

Strike the earth indeed, mighty Shovel Knight!

Source: Bandcamp