Gameplay footage of TJ Combo from the E3 2014 show floor


Thanks to Killer Instinct Central we can get an idea on how the upcoming TJ Combo for season 2 of Killer Instinct plays. While a bit rough as the current build is only 6 weeks old we can see an example of how TJ plays and he doesn’t seem to bad.

Something interesting to note about TJ is his special ability, “Last Breath”, which basically will allow the player to resuscitate TJ Combo if he falls while having a full meter or if his meter is activated manually then he will receive a 35% speed boost. Not sure if that’s going to make it into the actual release but if it does I can imagine that would make him a highly played character as his meter would give you basically give the player multiple times to be defeated without actually losing the fight.

Source: Killer Instinct Central