E3 2014: Batman Arkham Knight overload


Ah Batman Arkham Knight, the 3rd and final chapter in the WB / Rocksteady trilogy and it definitely seems like that Rocksteady has saved the best for last. Scarecrow is back after being absent in Batman Arkman City, along with several baddies including Harley Quinn, Two-Face, The Riddler, Penguin and the mysterious Arkham Knight all ready to lay the beat down on the Batman. Slated for release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime 2015.

Stay tuned for more news and check out some of the videos and new screenshots below.


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    Ho-lee CRAP! I already had high hopes for this game, but this trailer alone has surpassed all of my expectations! I had fun just traveling Gotham in the last two games, but this one looks like it took things to a whole ‘nother level (and thankfully, it isn’t snowing anymore)!

    The Batmobile looks a little boring compared to regular gameplay, but I absolutely love how seamless it is going from the Car to the Bat and I agree that it wouldn’t have felt like a full Batman experience without the Batmobile. Blowing up Arkham Knight’s drones looks like it’ll be fun, but I’m really surprised at just how nimble the Batmobile is. I was afraid that driving the Batmobile was gonna be clunky and you’d pretty much have to stick to the streets to get anyway, but it looks like you can go up any staircase you see and even crash through a lot of the barriers that would have killed your momentum in any “GTA” game.

    The only thing I’m iffy on right now is Scarecrow as the main villain. I’m glad it’s somebody other than Joker for once, but I never really bought him as a top-ranking threat for Batman. I do like the sounds of him uniting all of Batman’s foes though; that would certainly make things more interesting; not to mention Arkham Knight is running around. I just hope that they don’t do a last minute “true villain” reveal like they did in “City” and “Origin.” Or at least that it’s not a villain who should already be dead or that we’ve already seen enough of.

    The only downside…PS4. Looks like I won’t be getting this game until, like, five years after it comes out.