On other Microsoft related stuff….. OMG they do have a brain after all

It would seem that Microsoft either doesn’t like money (Yeah, right!) or they’ve finally seen the error of their ways. Of course I”m referring to their change on forcing you to buy a Kinect with the Purchase of an Xbox One and the complete reversal of forcing you to have a Xbox Live subscrption in order to use their apps that are currently behind a paywall. That’s right everybody, no longer do you have to pay for both an Xbox Live Gold sub and also for Netflix. How’s that for a great change?

So starting June 9th, 2014, all Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners will finally be able to use many online services such as Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, Amazon Instant Video, Machinima and many many more without the need for a Xbox Live Gold subscription.  It’s about damned time if you ask me especially since the other guys (both Sony and Nintendo) already let you do that and have for some time. Seriously Microsoft dropping the paywall was something you should have done years ago.

But there’s more! Not only has Games with Gold and Deals with Gold being so successful (You should be thanking Sony for that btw!) that Microsoft will finally bring that service over to the Xbox One as well. Who doesn’t like free games?

It’s about damned time Microsoft.


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