Rejoice Tekken fans for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has been added to the EVO 2014 roster

Back in Feburary 2014 when the roster for the upcoming EVO 2014 tournament was announced it kinda left a bad taste with a few thousand gamers, mainly those of the Tekken persuasion when there was no form of Tekken making the tournament what so ever.

Supposed reasoning behind that decision was speculated that perhaps a new version of Tekken would be announced before the event started but that seemed to be not true and a lot of Tekken gamers purely stated that it was basically a crappy decision and many even decided to ignore EVO 2014 altogether.


However it seems that there’s a silver-lining here and now it seems that Bandai Namco’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be added to the tournament and it also looks like Bandai Namco will also be onboard as an official sponsor to boot.

This news come straight from Joey “Mr.Wizard” Cuellar yesterday during the iPlayWinner stream. Certaily good news for Tekken gamers and to be honest I can’t see how Tekken was excluded in the first place. I found myself watching more of the Tekken stream over most fighters, including the Capcom fighters last year.


EVO 2014 takes place at Las Vegas from July 11th – 13th.

Source: iPlayWinner

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