Project CARS The Ultimate Driver Journey trailer is beyond beautiful


I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve been following the progress of Project CARS for quite some time. In fact since day one to be exact. And I’ve been so eager to play the finish project that I’ve skipped on every chance to play alpha builds and have forced myself to not watch all those play videos that are floating around on Youtube.

Needless to say that when I finally saw the first official trailer that was released today well all I could so is watch it and watch it and then watch it some more. Seriously this trailer has me even more hyped, more than any other racing game has in quite some time.  It feels like the release of the original Gran Turismo all over again.

Keep in mind that *ALL* of this trailer is in-game footage. It even says so in the first opening seconds.

I can not wait for this game to finally release!

Project CARS will speed onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC (Windows / SteamOS) starting November 2014.


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