PAX East 2014 Coverage: OCReMix Panel

Continuing the coverage from PAX East 2014, there’s the OCReMix panel that was held on 4/11/2014. Sadly there was noone else recording the event and apparently even though I had my recording equipment behind a pillar with a sign that said recording, people still managed to walk directly in to the path of the camera.

CALLING ALL VIDEO GAME MUSIC FANS!!! OC ReMix is here to share awesome game music with you in all sorts of styles! You’ll get insight on the creation of OCR’s FIRST official pro arrangement album release, “For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man”, and there’ll be plenty of other limited edition prizes available from some kickass gaming competitions! They’re also showing off tunes from recent & upcoming FREE albums, including from Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy 9, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time and more! Join djpretzel, DarkeSword, José the Bronx Rican and several more of’s top artists if you love VGM as much as we do! As always, DON’T MISS OUT! GET SWAGGED OUT!

David ‘djpretzel’ Lloyd [Founder & President, OverClocked ReMix, LLC], Shariq ‘DarkeSword’ Ansari [Submissions Judge], Deia ‘DragonAvenger’ Vengen [Submissions Judge], Andrew ‘OA’ Luers [Submissions Judge], Stevo ‘Level 99’ Bortz [Staff Coordinator], José ‘Bronx Rican’ Felix [Video Editor], Amy ‘Diodes’ Hsieh [OverClocked University Violinist], Valerie ‘Vilecat’ Legendre [Swag Team]

Eh anything is better than nothing I suppose.
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