PAX East 2014 Coverage: Indie to AAA; What You Need to Know about Podcasting Panel

The first panel we attended during PAX East 2014. Sadly due to the bag check I missed the first 10 minutes however that was basically introductions and the remainder of the video is the heart of the panel.

There are plenty of how-to guides available for setting up a podcast. Hardware setup, RSS feeds, and iTunes submissions are easy. When it comes to the content of your show, that’s where you can make a name for yourself. The Indie podcast trio from “Press ‘A’ to Listen” team up with Activision’s own “One of Swords Podcast” to discuss how to give your audience their money’s worth, whether you’re funding it yourself or have corporate support!


Josh Smith [Host, Press ‘A’ to Listen Podcast], Steve Sickmen [Co-Host, Press ‘A’ to Listen Podcast], Bishop Tart [Co-Host, Press ‘A’ to Listen Podcast], Dan Amrich [Community Developer, Ubisoft], Katrin Auch [Host, One of Swords Podcast]