Capybara Games bringing “Below” to Pax East 2014


With Pax East right around the corner (April 11th – 13th) it looks like that studio that likes to bring us super amazing stuff (Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery and Super Time Force) will be bringing a game that I’ve been looking to for some time. That titled is called “Below” which can only be described as top down rogue-like dungeon crawler….. Think of Demon Souls / Dark Souls from a top down perspective. 

And if you already don’t know, Below is being released exclusively for the Xbone and will eventually make it’s way to other platforms.

“Well, for the first time ever, players will have a chance to dive into the depths of Below,” the post reads. “Sit down, put on a pair of headphones, pick up a controller and explore, survive, discover … and then probably die.”

Ever since I’ve heard about this game I’ve been waiting for a chance to get a hands on it and now looks like I will since Capybara will be bring a “near final build” of Below to Pax East 2014, assuming the lines aren’t that long and I can get some hands on (Unlike Pax East 2014 where I couldn’t even get near Super Time Force.) 

Make sure you check out Capybara Games who’ll be shacked with another favorite, Double Fine Games in the “Capy Fine Booth” in the Indie Megabooth at Pax East. Now I know where I’ll be spending my time at!

 Source: Capybara Games Website

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