Superior Spiderman is no more as of issue #30

As it would seem that all the events leading up to Marvel’s Superior Spiderman issue #30 have come full circle. From the denies that the Peter Parker we’ve all known and loved would even be seen again. From the subtle and no so subtle hints that Peter was alive somewhere in Otto Octavius’s pscyhe. From all of the bad and heroic deeds that “Superior Spiderman” had managed through 6 story arces and multipe other spin-offs. Everything comes to an impasse today.

For today is the day that many loyal Spiderman fans have been waited for. For today is the day that “Superior Spiderman” makes way for “The Amazing Spiderman”. If you haven’t read the comic yet I won’t spoil details, but let’s just say that there’s a nice heart to heart between the minds of Peter, akin to what happened at the being of this comic. So go have issue #30 pulled and read it, ASAP!

Watch out! Here comes the real Spiderman!

Watch out! Here comes the real Spiderman!

Still there’s a little matter of distrust with the Avengers, the X-Men, The city of New York among things that old’e Parker is going to have to clean up once the final curtain is drawn in or after Superior Spiderman #31. Not to mention a certain Goblin (Osbourne?)  needs to be put down and the whole time travel shenanigans with Superman 2099 needs to be resolved as well.

Though truth be told I was kinda of digging the Superior Spiderman outfit. Maybe just once whenever a Spiderman arc is over that perhaps just once he can keep the custom from it.

But who cares, the OG Peter Parker / Spiderman is back!

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