Review – The Shivah: Kosher Edition for PC

 *This is based on a review copy of the game that was provided  by the publisher*

Systems: PC(Steam), iOS & MacOS
Release Date: August 6th, 2006
Developer: Wadjet Eye  Games
Publisher: Wadjet Eye Games

There’s something about point and click adventure games that are always makes me continue to enjoy the genre. Unlike my Co-host on the Loading Screen PodcastKeith Mitchell, I have the patience to to click and redo puzzles over and over again. That said it’s no wonder he keeps passing the point & click games my way. Well the joke’s on him as I love this genre.

The Shivah Kosher Edition

In Shivah you play as Rabbi Stone, a man who is investigating the death of a man who happened to donated a large sum of money to him. It is a straight forward point and click game with very little back tracking. The story adds a lot of noir elements that the music provides a great support creating the atmosphere. The score matches every interaction and and even the action scenes.  Presentation-wise the game is a mixture of old school pixelized graphics which works out well for the game and the voice acting by all the characters compliments the music as a well as the overall the experience.


  • Great Music
  • Only $4.99 on Steam
  • Excellent Voice Acting


  • Sadly the game is extremely short…. unless you want to revisit your past decisions and change the outcome of the game.
  • Not much replay value


Is Shivah for you?


There’s really not much to say about a game like this, oh wait did I mention this game is currently $4.99 on Steam? Yea that’s right people you want have a good experience while you’re getting waiting for your food to be delivered I recommend getting Shivah.  The only downside it lacks replay value and the game is on the short side however it is possible to change the outcome of the game if you revisit your past decisions, either way there still isn’t much after that. Either way for $4.99 it’s not a bad deal. However if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea you can also give it a test drive by checking out the demo available from Wadjet Eye Games.

  • 8/10
    Overall Score - 8/10
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