Infaune’s Azure Striker Gunvolt looks to feed the need for those side-scrolling cravings


Seems to be that ever since Keiji Inafune had left Capcom to start up his own company that he’s been on a Roll (Pun intended). Not only is he working on Mighty No.9, the upcoming Ninja Gaiden:Z  and now we’re getting word that he’s working on yet another 2D side scrolling gaming, Azure Strijer Gunvolt along side with Inti Creates (who is also formed with former Capcom employees). Beginning created for the Nintendo 3DS, Azure Striker Gunvolt will follow the adventures of “Gunvolt” as he battles to save the world from the Sumeragi group who likes to abuse people of the psychic persuasion. Slated for a release sometime this summer, Azure Striker Gunvolt looks to follow the gameplay that was so sorely lost when Capcom decided to take an axe to fan favorite Mega Man and hopefully this will feed the wait for the upcoming Mighty No.9.

Source: Official Gunvolt Website

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