Leaked artwork of upcoming Sonic 2014 game titled “Sonic Boom”

As someone who grew up in what can be considered the golden age for Sonic the Hedgeghog games, I’ve been dismayed at the last decade with the direction of Sega’s once great mascot and his games. It simply seems that Sonic has seen his glory days and Sega clearly has no idea on how to get them back if you couldn’t tell by most of their Sonic games especially the following; Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Free Riders, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)and Sonic and the Secret Rings. There are others but these were just terrible.

So yes Sonic has definitely fallen onto some hard times as of late and sadly it doesn’t seem like his string of bad luck and dismay games are over yet and if you’re wondering what I’m referring too then simply gaze at that piece of work below.


This is leaked artwork for the upcoming Sonic the Hedge game titled “Sonic Boom” that will be released for the Nintendo WiiU some time this year.

Yes friends, there is a game titled “Sonic Boom” which is also the name of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon that’ set to release in Fall 2014. Not much is known about either but thanks to the leaked artwork we can clearly see that they are connected as these designs in this artwork are the same as the siloutte that was released for that cartoon some time ago in 2013.

Argh is all I can say. Seriously, what’s with the hand tape, why does Amy have a mallet and why the hell does Knuckle’s head look like it doesn’t below on hisbody. I don’t know what this is, I can’t even fathom why Sega can’t get this shit straight. Look at Nintendo if anything Sega, look how they’ve managed to keep Mario the same with minor changes throughout their games. That’s what you need to do. Keep it simple and stay true to the Sonic formula, not this crap.

Not looking forward to this Sega and it’s looking like we’re back on the “Sonic Cycle“. Though I hope that I’m so completely wrong, that I’m so off base here and the game actually turns out to be the best Sonic game to date. I want to hope but Sega’s track record ain’t the best. 

Oh, there’s a trailer for this crap as well. Check it out and try to enjoy it.

Sonic Boom indeed…………WTF SEGA!