Microsoft releasing a Xbox One headset adapter in March


Microsoft has recently announced that a Xbox One headset adapter will be released within the next month, something which many online gamers (Including myself) have eagerly awaited. The headset adapter will finally allow gamers to plug headsets into the Xbox One controllers and allow them to communicate while playing instead of relying on the Kinect. Though there is a catch and a rather cumbersome one if you’re using older gaming headsets as you will be required to plug into the S/PDIF port at the back of the console and then plugging a 2.5mm chat cable into the adapter (IE: Wires on the ground, great for other people to trip over while you game). The adapter will retail for $24.99 and will be available via Microsoft’s Xbox One website directly or at local gaming or electronic stores. 



With the addition of the headset adapter is also a stereo headset that includes a unidirectional microphone, two over-the-ear speakers comes bundled with the headset adapter for $79.99.  This headset however will plug directly into the adapter and does not need to be connected to the S/PDIF port like other aftermarket gaming headsets and benefit with no extra cables being ran or limiting the distance between you and your console. Definitely should come in handy for those Killer Instinct or Titanfall marathons.

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