Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition coming to the PS4 on March 4th

Out of nowhere comes the updated version of Dead Nation for the PlayStation 4. But this ain’t the same Dead Nation you remember from the PlayStation 3, no sir, this is Dead Nation: Apocalypse. So what’s the difference you ask? Well besides the full campaign mode for both solo and co-op play this version features a higher resolution (1080p), updated textures, updated controls with also adds a quick weapon select which was sorely missed in the original version of the game and several new modes; Challenge Mode and Broadcast+.

Also returning from the PS3 version is the Road to Devastation expansion which includes the Arcade and Endless modes.  New to the PS4 is challenge mode which lets you send your score over to your buddies or the leaderboard after you complete a level to see if they can beat it and Broacast+ mode which will let you stream your game with a twist. Throughout Broadcast+ mode the viewers can  change the difficulty of your game via voting options which include spawning zombies, providing ammo and even disabling your abilities. Sounds like fun but what do I know, I like stuff like this.


Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition will be released onto the PlayStation 4 on March 4th, 2014 for $14.99 or if you’re a PSN+ member then it’s free.

Source:  Playstation Blog (US)

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