To The Death – A Kickstarter Project from Scary Mostro

What happens when you have two warriors that are eternally locked in a battle that seems to wreck havoc where ever they do battle? Well that’s what several industry vets Todd Alderman and Francesco Gigliotti (Call of Duty and TitanFall) from Scary Mostro want to show you in their upcoming side-scrolling / beat ’em up project “To The Death”. In “Two The Death” you’ll play as one of two warriors who are in a colision course with one of another  throughout a world known as the “Crawl”, in an attempt to finish finish off the other warrior for good. To do this you’ll collect power-up’s and weapons (melee and guns)  to help you wage your endless fight and wonder through a beautify rendered world thanks to the art direction of “Cecil Kim” who has worked on titles such as “God of War” series.

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The game will feature 60 Frames per Second, 360 degree control and intense multiplayer action that will let you play either co-op or duke it out death match style coming to Steam on PC, Mac and Linux (however other platforms have not been ruled out).

Did I mention the stretch goals? No? Ok, so how does an endless expansion mode (Think Horde mode), 4 player multiplayer / co-op and even bringing the game to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita sound to you?

Of course what good would a Kickstarter project be without reward tiers and there’s plenty to go around from full versions of the game to digital soundtracks, early access to the game and more. 

If the video seemed interesting to you then why not head on over to their Kickstarter page and toss them a few bucks and help them get this project funded.  For more information head on over to their Kickstarter project or their official “To The Death” website.

Follow the progress of the game:

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