Somebody’s Getting Married…

When fictional characters tie the knot, it can be a rather big deal. When Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson wed, it was an EVENT. Likewise when Clark Kent finally married Lois Lane. Sure, both marriages were retconned for the sake of status quo, ( :-x )but when they happened, the world at large took notice.

Well, we’ve got another group of newlyweds on the way. And no, it’s NOT who you’re expecting.

You are cordially invited to the wedding you never expected. Reception and Chaos to Follow.

That’s right, Marvel’s Crimson Comedian is getting married!

Lately, Deadpool’s had it rough. Not only has he been forced to slaughter countless alternate versions of himself, but he’s also had his past f***ed up enough to make Wolverine and Shadow the Hedgehog cringe. Suffice to say without spoiling too much, life hasn’t been easy for Wade. But, as some might say, if you want to make a change, make it a big one, and marriage is a pretty damn big change!

The cover for Deadpool #27. I wouldn't expect a big ceremony, though.

So, who’s the *ahem* lucky bride? Who knows? I sure as heck don’t. All I know is, this may or may not end well (I hope it does; being alone SUCKS). Also, whoever she is has to be as crazy as the groom for doing this.

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